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About us

Following the resounding success of its last editions, the 2021 Geneva Blockchain Congress will again examine the theme of ‘from laboratory to market via ethics, regulation and governance‘, through ROI and use cases. The Geneva Blockchain Congress is the only event composed of Swiss public institutions (State of Geneva, University of Geneva, Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Fongit) and representatives of the private sector.

The core aim of the Congress is to promote a constructive and healthy exchange of views between international standard-setting bodies, national governments that create the legal frameworks, and the private sector, whose role is to develop authentic and profitable products. Traceability, security, cost-effectiveness and taking into account an entire ecosystem : facilitating the transition towards a more transparent and efficient economy. The Geneva Blockchain Congress plays a role in accompanying the economy by integrating ethical, legal and governance aspects of blockchain applications.

This event is brought to you by Palexpo SA.

About Geneva Blockchain Congress - Palexpo
About Geneva Blockchain Congress - Palexpo

It is no coincidence that the Congress is being held in Geneva.

Dedicated as it is to advancing the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the city of Geneva promotes high-quality education, decent work conditions, economic growth, responsible consumption and healthy and robust institutions.

Not only are all these elements of society continuously evolving, but each one of them is deeply affected by innovative technological developments.


Geneva lies at the nexus of several separate strands of world affairs. Home to numerous financial houses, the United Nations and CERN – not to mention countless international companies and world-class schools – the city boasts a reputation as great as any in Europe, if not the world.

Geneva’s institutions are at the forefront of discussions on ethics, regulation and governance, especially when it comes to innovative technologies and their impact on the economy and society at large. Indeed, Switzerland as a whole ranks as one of the most innovative countries in the world.

At the 2021 Congress, you will not only have the chance to meet decision makers and key influencers, but also help them set the standards of tomorrow.

About Geneva Blockchain Congress - Palexpo

A high performance ecosystem underpinned by political support

About Geneva Blockchain Congress - Palexpo

There is no doubt that the city of Geneva punches well above its weight.

Its success derives from a small but cohesive group of stakeholders that includes academic hubs, the local financial centre and an unrivalled support for start-up incubation and acceleration.

But these factors are all underpinned by an intense political will that simply wants the city to succeed and to enable the emerging ‘distributed ledger economy’ to grow and flourish here.


It couldn’t be any easier to get to Palexpo. It is situated just next door to the Geneva International Airport, with first-class transport links, including a seven-minute train ride from the airport to the city centre. There are over 700 hotel rooms within walking distance from Palexpo.

Steering Committee

Head of General Department of Economic Development (DG DERI) Canton of Geneva

Olivier Depierre, Head of Legal, Credit Agricole next bank (Suisse) SA

Jessica Camus, Head of Partnership & Impact, Diginex

Antonio Gambardella, Director, Fongit

Pierre Kauffmann, Blockchain leader Switzerland, IBM

Dourgam Kummer, Head of M&A, OISTE Foundation

Claude Membrez, Managing Director, Palexpo SA

Adeline Beaux, Head of the Geneva Blockchain Congress, Palexpo SA

Lamine Brahimi, Co-Founder & Managing partner, Taurus group

Jean-Henry Morin Professor, University of Geneva, University Computer Centre

Vincent Pignon, CEO, Wecan

Carlos Moreira, CEO, Wisekey SA

About Geneva Blockchain Congress - Palexpo