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The list of this year’s speakers will be uploaded in October.

The second edition of the Geneva Blockchain Congress, held in January 2020, was able to present more than 125 speakers of international standing, amongst :

  • Vincent Pérez, Managing Director, Libra
  • Don Tapscott, Executive Chairman, Blockchain Research Institute
  • Carlos Moreira, CEO, WiseKey
  • Marta Piekarska, Director of Ecosystem, Hyperledger
  • Andreas Glarner, Partner, MME
  • Prof. Hubert de Vauplane, Sciences Po Paris
  • Heather Flannery, Global Lead, ConsenSys Health
  • Dr Jane Thomason, CEO, Fintechnews
  • Alvise Giustiniani, Vice President Illicit Trade Prevention, PMI
  • Vanessa Grellet, Executive Director, ConsenSys
  • Vincent Pignon, CEO, Wecan
  • Nisa Amoils, Fintech global Network
  • Tina Balzli, Partner, PWC
  • Ekkerhard Ernst, President, Geneva Macro Labs
Geneva Blockchain Congress - Palexpo