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The Geneva Blockchain Congress is proud to unveil a first glimpse of the second edition of the largest blockchain event in Switzerland.

These morning sessions will be a world premiere by uniting many renowned scientists and public figures together with blockchain experienced business professionals and entrepreneurs. This will be particularly true and relevant considering Geneva’s geographical position in the centre of Europe, appreciating its major geopolitical role in the hosting of numerous non-governmental international organizations and its respected place as an international financial centre, already for private banking and commodity trading alone.

The programme will be in constant evolution until beginning of December 2019.

Our main keynote speakers and companies already confirmed are:

  • The Blockchain Research Institute, with special guest Don Tapscott back in the 2nd edition of the Congress for a world premiere announcement, before his participation to the World Economic Forum in Davos. Emphasis will be placed by Don on why Geneva and Switzerland will undoubtedly play a key role in Deep Tech Technologies
  • WTO Senior Blockchain Expert Emmanuelle Ganne, about the impact of DLTs in international trade regulations and supply chain
  • WISeKey, with CEO Carlos Moreira talking about cybersecurity on Deep Tech, IoT and blockchain
  • Libra Association / Calibra special guest, with a panel around the millennials and ethics, the question of generation in blockchain ethics and the emergence of fully asset-backed cryptographic means of payment
  • The United Nations with a special guest to talk about how the governance of blockchain applications should be drafted
  • Chosen Swiss public (Federal) figures and confirmed Swiss and international business leaders to speak about the expansion of cryptographic assets and the new investment opportunities thereof
  • Chosen Swiss legal experts as to why Switzerland is a very interesting choice for developing DLT-based applications and businesses.
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attendees from 30 countries
and start-ups
International media organisations


Public Administration

Deep Tech Evolution

Banking and Finance

Regulation and Legal Framework

Illicit Trade and Counterfeiting

Health and Well-Being

Supply Chain and Logistics

Social and Humanitarian Applications

Networking for fruitful and long-term partnerships


The OFF agenda will take place in downtown Geneva both immediately before and after the Congress.

It is designed to encourage attendees and others – such as blockchain communities and investors – to meet in a more informal gathering and to exchange ideas and help build fruitful and long-term relationships.

Be sure to extend your stay in Geneva!

Geneva Blockchain Congress - Palexpo
agenda - Geneva Blockchain Congress - Palexpo


Our app lets you keep in touch with all the event’s stakeholders long after the Congress is over.

More information coming soon!


Success in business is all about building long-term and successful relationships and that is why we have created a forum exclusively for our Presenting and Main Partners.

Our VIP dinner will therefore take place at the Villa Sarasin, an exceptionally beautiful early nineteenth-century mansion located in the Congress Centre’s park.

More information coming soon!

agenda - Geneva Blockchain Congress - Palexpo
agenda - Geneva Blockchain Congress - Palexpo


Prepare your presentation in a quiet and comfortable setting.

A dedicated suite with full day access is available for Presenting and Main Partners, complete with all the necessary equipment and supplies.

content Committee

Adeline Beaux | Palexpo SA Head of the Geneva Blockchain Congress
Sahra Benaouda Brean | SBConsulting – SBConsulting
Lamine Brahimi | Taurus group – Co-Founder & Managing partner
Head of General Department of Economic Development (DG DERI) | Canton of Geneva
Olivier Depierre | DLT Law – Co-founder & Partner
Antonio Gambardella | Fongit – Director
Pierre Kauffmann | IBM blockchain leader Switzerland
Carlos Moreira | Wisekey SA – CEO
Jean-Henry Morin | Université de Genève – Centre Universitaire
Informatique Professor, University of Geneva – University Computer Centre
agenda - Geneva Blockchain Congress - Palexpo